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ST Consulting International, established in 1997 in New York City, is a New York State and City
Certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Who we are:
ST Consulting International was founded by a highly qualified group of computer professionals with extensive experience in the computer industry. Our combined experience provides STCI with unique insight into the needs and concerns of today's technical developers and managers.

We build long term relationship as an information technology services partner to industry leader and emerging growth companies. By partnering with our clients, we provide an integrated project team of complementary skills and competencies that shares expertise, transfer knowledge and supports our client's ability to run their business efficiently and cost-effectively.

What we do:
We create customized IT solutions for our customers' specific business needs, including but not limited to, IT Staffing solutions, Software Plugins, Workflow Management Applications, and extending software to mobile platforms.

How we can help:
Our imaginative, technically expert project team of complementary skills and competencies shares expertise, transfer knowledge and supports our client's ability to increase their ROI and decrease TCO. For 20 years we have created out of the box solutions for our clients' challenging business problems.


We offer products and plugins that work across various industries including Financial, Healthcare, Real Estate,
Telecomm, and Infrastructure Management.


We provide IT Staffing solutions, project management, systems evaluation, gap analysis and business wokflow
review for enterprise businesses.

Technology Consulting

STCI Network Transformation Services

Optimize your network to realize measurable performance improvements and increased service levels with sustained cost savings

Leveraging technology effectively is key for businesses to remain competitive and address challenges such as reducing operational costs, managing complex consolidations and succeeding on the global stage. Collaboration, cloud, big data, mobility and analytics are fundamentally changing the way companies do business by opening new avenues to customers, markets and growth. Every business is fast becoming a digital business. The network is a vital component of today's digital businesses, playing a central role in strengthening customer relationships through enhanced communications, running the applications that drive the business forward and, ultimately, helping ensure that organizations can operate with greater efficiency and agility. While forward-thinking CIOs recognize the importance of network technologies, many still struggle with transforming their traditional network to drive real innovation and business growth. Aging equipment, inconsistent platforms and multiple carrier contracts exacerbate the issues of running a decentralized, complex network environment.

IT Services

ST Consulting is the leading provider and Expert of outsourced IT Services and Managed Services. Each project we implement follows a systematic process: Discovery, Planning, Implementation, & Monitoring – requiring client approval before moving on.

IT Staffing

We provide highly qualified IT staff for your long term, short term, and permanent staffing needs. We thoroughly qualify every candidate prior to interviews and require a sophisticated skills assessment test to identify and confirm core competencies. We provide high-caliber IT specialists on a contract, contract-to-permanent and permanent basis. We enable our clients to add staff in a timely manner. Our clients benefit from our extensive recruiting and screening process that effords them the flexibility to manage their budget without compromising quality.

Project Management

We have experience in most industry sectors from analysis of current performance against best practice, design of project management processes and standards, change management and implementation support.

Software as a Service

ST Consulting offers advanced software to run your business without high cost of purchasing, licensing and hosting applications.

High performance delivered

STCI Network Transformation Services help CIOs create a highly available, secure, superior network environment that supports the organization's growth agenda while accommodating the convergence of voice and data systems and traffic. The upgraded network integrates with business processes to enhance workforce performance, managing the needs of mobile and remote workers. The network provides the bandwidth needed to accommodate application and communication demands, incorporating leading technologies such as cloud, collaboration, BYOD and big data, while leveraging analytics to support continuous improvement.
Based on our previous experiences with many organizations, the greatest benefit lies in significant cost savings.

  • Network assessment can identify opportunities for reducing data and voice expenses up to 20 to 40 percent.
  • Enterprise network transformation can reduce network operating costs up to 10 to 30 percent annually.
  • Developing telecom expense management capabilities alone can reduce yearly costs by up to 10 to 20 percent.
  • Bolstering network management capabilities can reduce bandwidth costs up to 30 to 65 percent.
  • Integrating data and voice networking capabilities can reduce capital expenses up to 10 to 15 percent, and operational expenses by up to 20 to 40 percent.

Improving network agility

STCI Network Transformation Services uses established, industrialized tools and methodologies, market-leading outsourcing capabilities and advanced technologies to rapidly create and run a transformed global network. We aim to deliver measurable performance improvements, industry leading service levels, sustained cost savings and ongoing network agility. Our services include:

Network Optimization

Our diagnostics, strategic planning and performance optimization services help clients increase network efficiency and performance. We assess current network operations against future business requirements, align the network infrastructure to accommodate new business goals and incorporate applications such as cloud, mobility, analytics, "bring your own device" (BYOD) and big data.

Typical results: We can deliver a prioritized roadmap of network investments, aligned with technology and business strategies, and work with clients to rapidly deploy the upgraded network with reduced risk, to increase efficiency, enhance performance and improve network operations.

Telecom Expense Management

We perform comprehensive telecom expense assessment and solution design to streamline communications and improve efficiency, helping clients optimize telecom costs and improve service levels. Our solution delivers both short- and long-term savings.

Typical results: Clients realize cost savings of up to 10 to 20 percent of telecom costs.

Wireless Infrastructure

STCI helps clients transform and manage their wireless connectivity, leveraging public mobile and private WiFi networks to improve business results and enable anytime/anywhere connectivity for employees, customers and partners-with flexibility and at scale.

Typical results: Clients benefit from a carrier grade WiFi solution with a centralized infrastructure-tailored to their unique usage requirements-that supports high-density environments and reduces total cost of ownership.

Contact Center Transformation

Using contact center technology service models, we provide multi-channel customer collaboration and interaction capabilities, integrated with the client's business processes and applications. Our "as-a-service" approach delivers cost-effective, scalable operations.

Typical results: By implementing a modernized contact center infrastructure, STCI helps enhance the customer experience, improve agent performance, increase productivity and reduce cost to serve.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Our UCC solutions help clients design and optimize their communications and collaboration infrastructures, integrating with business processes, applications and devices to provide seamless operations. STCI delivers rapid design and deployment, ongoing, process-driven collaboration and cloud-based, cost-effective and scalable UCC-as-a-Service.

Typical results: Integrated UCC solutions can enhance workforce productivity by between 5 and 25 percent, reduce operating and capital expenses from up to 10 to 35 percent, and improve service levels by up to 20 percent.

Service Management Operations

We use ITIL-based processes, governance and tools to provision and manage complex network infrastructures, including applications, connected devices and cloud-based services. Discovery, analysis and reporting services help clients improve service levels, increase security and compliance, and improve end-to-end availability, while reducing costs.

Typical results: Enhances the end-customer experience with improved network service performance, faster response to network service issues and more effective recovery. Our ability to leverage high-volume service providers in a managed services model drives better performance.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

STCI provides ongoing management of client's IT infrastructure capabilities and/or functions, which can cover discrete skills or can encompass the full responsibility for managing end-to-end functions. We help move clients from fixed to variable costs while broadening the skills available to them. Our industrialized delivery model helps lower total cost of ownership, reduce risk and improve productivity and predictability.

Typical results: Integrated offerings across the infrastructure domain help clients create a more cost effective and responsive infrastructure, promote service stability and improve client's ability to support new technologies.

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